Sorry, we are closed temporarily for sawmill services and sales.

Knot Farm is a local professional wood Sawmill, the operation is run by Jim MacDonald owner and Sawyer.

Knot Farm has a selected blend of old and new equipment to provide saw milling and lumber processing services. At the heart of the operation is a TimberKing 2000 hydraulic band saw mill. There are 2 basic kinds of sawmills, Circular mills that are usually stationary with thick spinning blades that chew through logs, and band saw mills that slice through logs. The TimberKing 2000 can lift logs off the ground onto the saw bed and rotate, clamp it and with the computer controls cut every board off the log the same thickness. Because the TimberKing 2000 is a band sawmill it produces a smooth cut with minimal waste wood. This high tech hydraulic sawmill machine was used produce framing and siding lumber to build the buildings at Knot Farm. You can learn more about the mill and what it can produce throughout our website.

Knot Farm is located in Nanjemoy, Maryland along the Potomac River, in Charles County. We hope when you come to the farm you will enjoy the lovely drive through the country. Nanjemoy (I know, where the heck is that?) we are located about 34 miles south of Route 495 at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. From the beltway, use Route 210 South and then 224. There is a map service and distance calculator on another page of this site. Please call or email before a visit so someone will be available when you arrive.