Sawmill Milling Services at Knot Farm

Sawmill in Washington D.C.The best and most efficient sawmill service happens when your logs are milled at our farm here at Knot Farms.

We can help you find a hauler to bring your logs to us, or you can trailer a load with a pickup and bring your logs to our farm. We have found some car towing independent operators, with a roll back bed, to provide a great hauling alternative. These operators are used to backing up to a load and using a winch cable to drag a vehicle up there ramp. They drag these logs up that ramp just fine!

When you arrive, we will  unload your truck or trailer with either our grapple front end loading tractor, or our classic 1976 Hyster forklift. We ask that you make an appointment with a specific time and GPS to us, making sure to leave early to arrive on time in case you run into travel issues. There are always things going on at the farm and time is important to all of us.

What we have found that works best for a single load, is to book a time for unloading and sawing, prepare and plan to assist in the milling operation, and leave loaded with your lumber that day. It will take about 30 minutes for a 12-0 average size fresh log to be placed back in your truck as dimensional lumber. We will place your truck in a location so that the lumber comes off the mill and go directly into the bed of your truck without touching the ground. That one move will likely be the only time you touch the log after your arrival.

Of course for multiple loads, this may mean you are hauling while we are milling, or that you would store the logs logs until it is time to mill.

You can call the Sawmill direct anytime for more information 301-246-4156.