Fences, Gates and Belted Cows, OH MY!

As usual we are very busy at Knot Farm, recently we took some time off all the other projects we have going on to put in some fences and gates to prepare for COWS! Oh My!

With the new hydraulic fence post drivers hooked up to the tractor the Knot Farm crew was able to put in 2 new pastures fully enclosed. With access gates, feeders and water bins in place we were ready for the girls to arrive.

The pure bread Belted Cows were brought to the farm and once in the pasture they immediately bolted and hid. Now we have 5 young female Belted Cows to look after. They are all a little shy, but the sweet feed and alfalfa treats are helping them get used to us. We have named 3 of the 5 girls, Lupe the leader is the biggest of the bunch, Panda is the second youngest girl, she is black and white and the smallest one is Coco because of her coco colored coat (don’t tell the others, she is my favorite).

I was finally able to get close enough to take some good pictures. Photographing cows is difficult, they are terrible listeners. The last one is Lupe the leader of the herd having a discussion with our QC manager.

Solar Kiln

There is so much going on at Knot Farm! This is the solar kiln I built for drying wood, it requires zero electricity and leaves no carbon footprint. The solar panels drive fans that circulate heat when the sun is shining, at night they are off and the wood can cool down. No electricity? No problem!

Why You Should Choose Knot Farm

Maryland Lumber MillThere are many questions people have on whether to purchase lumber from a local lumber mill like Knot Farm and why it’s better than purchasing from a big box store.  There are several reasons to purchase from a local sawmill to consider.

1.  You are supporting a local business

First and foremost, you are supporting a local small business! Supporting a family-owned business puts your money into your local economy, which will create a ripple effect and help other local businesses in the area.  Maybe even yours?

2. Lumber Milled by an experienced Sawyer is more resilient

Much of your commercial stud lumber usually comes from trees that have had just enough time to grow before they can be cut down into 2×4’s.  The time for trees grow and become strong and sturdy before harvest continues to decrease, meaning the quality you receive also continues to decrease. Older trees have had time to develop strength, that directly effects the quality and longevity for your project. Wood that is milled by an experienced Sawyer will be a higher quality with less knots and flaws, with the least amount of waste wood thus creating premium lumber.

3. More Customization and Options

When you bring logs to Knot Farm you have control over the finished product and will receive a personal consultation. You can create and develop the lumber of any variety and many variations, which large box stores are unable to provide because they only market mass-requested lumber.

It’s also easier to match pieces later on if you have to make an addition or adjustment to your project.  Big box stores may have the same type of wood you originally purchased for your project, however the lumber will likely be from a different tree and will doubtfully match seamlessly as it would buying from your local sawmill.

4. You will save money

Time is money, as they say. You can spend hours wandering around that Big Box store, try to find a knowledgeable sales person, or anyone at all if you can. Most times the employee knows as much as you do about wood, logs, lumber. OR- You call or email knot Farm using the “Contact Us” tab, we will set up an appointment that is convenient for you. When you arrive we will be ready with the information you are looking for to find the best product or products for your project. Load you up and your off to create!

The general impression is that using a local lumber mill is more expensive than a Big Box Company.  In some ways it is, but that is not always the case and there are certainly ways to save money.  For example, if you provide your own logs, perhaps from your own property, that will cut down on cost and allow you to have access to beautiful matched milled lumber to complete your project.  Additionally, many sawmills get paid to remove wood, not just mill it. Knot Farm may have extra milled lumber from previous millings offered at a discounted rate, we also offer bulk pricing. The biggest money saving

Discuss options with your local lumber mill.  The benefit of contacting Knot Farm directly is that we can work to customize an order within your budget.

5. Establishing a Relationship for future projects

How great is it to walk into your local market and you know the person behind the counters name and they know yours? I think it’s really grand! We strive to make your experience at Knot Farm informational, easy, productive and FUN! When you come back for the next project or refer a friend or family member that is the biggest complement for all of us on the Knot Farm Team.